Safaris in Tanzania

Sweeping plains alive with a wildlife extravaganza, Tanzania’s diverse landscapes gives visitors iconic safari experiences and surprises that defy the imagination. Enjoy lunch by a hippo pool, spot massive herds of elephants, go in search for lions teaching their cubs to hunt, evasive leopards, racing cheetahs, scavanging hyennas, and appreciate some of the best bird-watching on the planet.  Or simply sit back and revel in the incredible procession of wildlife wandering past your private veranda during a Savanah sunset.

Experience a front row seat and witness the profound magnitude of the Great Migration, one of nature’s most sensational spectacles where nearly 2 million Zebra, Gazelle and Wildebeest parade across the Serengeti in search of greener pastures. Calving season in February and March, presents nature’s most dramatic form of life and death, where opportunistic predators eagerly await a less challenging feast. Mating season in April and May, where tens of thousands of feisty bulls proudly compete on the Central Plains. In July and August the herds anxiously avert hungry Nile crocodiles who have patiently been waiting for months for this thrilling crossing of the Mara River into Kenya.

Experienced in providing quality bespoke safaris, no matter your time, budget or interests. Customize a multi-day safari journey and explore Africa's most impressive collection of 14 national parks where you’ll have miles of untamed Africa to yourself.  Enjoy lazy hippos and cunning crocodiles in the northern rivers, experience Jane Goodall's beloved chimpanzees in the western forests, and view the dolphins and whale sharks at the coast. From day and evening game drives, guided bush walks, and even hot air balloon rides, your viewing experiences are never limited,

Owners Joey and Jenny have personally built a team of guides that we proudly claim are truly the best of the best.  Extremely professional, yet friendly, flexible, outgoing and often entertaining, when it’s time to say good-bye you geniunely will feel as though you have made a friend for life.

Unlike other operators we never outsource our groups to other companies, so you can be assured that you will always be well looked after by one of our own. You will be collected at your hotel to begin this epic journey of a lifetime.  All our guides are proficient in English, and upon request we are able to arrange translators. With an unrivaled passion for their jobs and this country their enthusisam for wildlife will inspire you. They are extremely knowledgeable about the country’s flora and fauna and are an incredible source of information and education about life in East Africa.

Our specialty bush chefs are very talented, producing incredible feasts under the Savanah skies, and are certainly able to cater for any special meal requirements.  

Tailor Made Experiences

Whether you are interested in the iconic national parks or the road less traveled, we can offer you your dream safari.

Chosing a partner and perfect itineary can be overwhelming for many. Our years of experience, client feedback and extensive network of industry contacts allows us to be a wealth of knowldege and resources for you. Traditional camping or more comfortable luxury tented camps and rustic lodges will create the perfect feel and ambiance you are looking for.

We have included some sample itineraries to give you an overview of some of the various options available.  Once you let us know what is of interest, your time and budget, it is our pleasure to work with you in creating the perfect holiday experience with memories to last a lifetime.

If you would like to combine your Northern circuit adventure with other national parks of Tanzania or East Africa, we can also accommodate and organise all the details for you as well.