Ethical Mountain Climbing: 

You can be assured, when climbing with us, you all members of the support team are well cared for. With so many companies offering Kilimanjaro climbs, competition is very tight and companies undercut each other trying to win your business with a lower price. As a result the porters are often badly exploited. As part of our mission to be a community conscious travel option we are driven by our ethics and proud to be a member of a local NGO that certifies all of our climbs as ethical and socially responsible.

The Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project, (KPAP) is an initiative of the International Mountain Explorers Connection, (IMEC). KPAP raises public awareness regarding the proper treatment of porters on Kilimanjaro and assists climbing companies with implementing procedures that ensure fair and ethical treatment of their porters. IMEC created the Partner for Responsible Travel Program to recognize those tour operators committed to fair treatment practices and working conditions of the crew on Kilimanjaro and in Nepal.

KPAP’s focus is improving the working conditions of the porters by:
Free clothing lending program, ensuring proper gear for porters
Education and Empowerment with free English, First Aid, HIV/AIDS Awareness,
Money Management, and Porters Rights classes
Educating the public and advocating for proper porter working conditions

All climbing companies are welcome to participate and acceptance as a Partner for Responsible Travel is based upon the local climbing company meeting extensive and strictly monitored Guidelines for Proper Porter Treatment.
Monitoring activities are continual and include:
Porter Questionnaires and Interviews
Examination of partner company’s salary distribution methods
Review of partner company’s tipping procedure
Audit and reporting by a KPAP porter investigative porter on all partner company climbs
• Providing feedback and suggestions for improvements

By choosing Miestone Safaris, a Partner for Responsible Travel with IMEC/KPAP you can guarantee that you are doing the most to ensure that porters are given the treatment they deserve. While many companies misleadingly claim to be a member you can verify our partnership by visiting the KPAP website.

Experienced Guides and Climbing Teams

Our highly trained guides are experienced and have climbed with people of all different fitness and skill levels. They take great care of every client and monitor their health and well being each day. Our experienced mountain chefs whisk up hearty meals every day, ensuring no-one goes hungry on the mountain. We are happy to cater to specific dietary requirements, just let us know beforehand.

Fully Equipped and Ready to Climb

We ensure that you are properly equipped to comfortably reach the top. Prior to arrival we send you a recommended equipment list which includes the approximate local rental costs for items you may chose not to purchase. You will recieve a Pre-climb briefing, where we inspect your gear to ensure it is suitable. We have all the necessary cooking and eating equipment for on the mountain. For those camping we provide you with your camping gear, including foam mattresses and tents. 

Any Route Any Day

With Milestone Safaris, each client booking is treated on an individual basis therefore offering each individual or group a bespoke experience tailored to your specific needs. Expeditions via any of the government sanctioned routes can commence on any day throughout the year. Click here to find out more about the different Kilimanjaro routes.