Our responsibility to the communities around us

Milestone Safaris began in a rural community, where many of the community members are poor, living in basic housing (no electricity, or water) often on less than a dollar a day. The Milestone Family believe it is important to ‘give back’, by this we mean providing opportunities for the development of our surrounding communities.

Part of the proceeds from the accommodation and safaris go toward the development of community initiatives. As seen below, we have a multi-faceted approach to achieve our aim of being a genuine community and environmentally-conscious travel option. We welcome any thoughts and suggestions.


We have regular requests and enquiries about volunteering.  Jenny (one of the Directors) first came to Africa as a volunteer and Joseph (her husband and the managing director) directed his own volunteer organisation from 2002 - 2012.  We therefore know the value of a volunteer and the potentials of such determined and altruistic individuals, couples and groups.  In 2013 we partnered with Michelle at Hostel Kilimanjaro to provide a link to a geniune worthwhile volunteering organisation.  Michelle offers low cost and developmentally focused volunteering.  Unlike many hostel based volunteering options, Michelle is not driven by the volume of volunteers but focuses on the details of what each volunteer is doing, thereby ensuring sustainable development in the projects she supports.  For those interested in volunteering you can either contact us or get in touch with Michelle directly (hostelkilimanjaro.com/


Supporting Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

In 2013 we are proud to announce that we now have two arms to this part of our giving back program.
We continue to support Second Chance Education Centre and we are partnered with others to support the Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need project.  

The Second Chance Education Centre was founded to give children, who for various reasons would not be able to otherwise attend school, the opportunity of continued or to start their education. There are two different education components to the centre. Firstly there is a nursery school (called first chance education centre) and secondly a Secondary education centre. The centre is unique, it aims to support the formal education structures within Tanzania buy offering better opportunities prior to starting schooling and then continued support throughout with tutoring and mentoring through to the secondary level. Our history with the centre goes back a long way.  

Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need is a Tanzanian based non-profit organization dedicated to helping young girls work towards better futures in Moshi and Mabogini. In this rural region of northern Tanzania, poverty, abuse, and the loss of parents often create unsafe home environments and force many girls not to attend school and escape home, looking for work at very young ages. KYGN strives to provide opportunities previously unavailable to these girls, allowing them to fully realize their potentials.

Milestone Safaris is proud to support both worthwhile initiatives. We continue to support the second chance education centre through financial donations, strategic planning, administration and providing low cost accommodation for the Centre's long terms visitors.  Our initial support for the KYGN project includes a long term commitment to their overheads, linking volunteers and vistors to provide hands on support and encouraging and directing monetary and in-kind donations to the centre.


You can read more about the Second Chance Education centre on it's Facebook page: and you can make any donations to the centre through their betterplace site.

You can read more about the Kilimanjaro Young girls on their website and on our facebook page as we continue to update you on our progress. www.kygn.org/index.htm

Supporting local community groups

We endeavour to purchase community produced goods, building capacity where necessary. Such an initiative encourages financial independence thereby improving the communities’ ability to support itself.

For example at our lodge we have various tie-dye materials/products in our rooms and around the lodge which were produced by local women/girls.

In 2013 we started a new partnership with Jiendeleze, an organisation set up by a young and very talented Tanzanian woman (Jesca) to support local women in her community.  Milestone Safaris is working with the group to develop items that the lodge can purchase regularly (like soap and jam etc) and other items that guests can purchase (arts and crafts).  The women are all from our local surroundings and guests are welcome to visit the women of the project.  Our aim is to provide a market for all these local groups both from the lodge directly but also to our guests.  

We believe that this type of set up can provide a sustainable source of income for these women, families and groups.