Our excursions

Our activities menu below has been developed over a number of years, and offers a wide variety of options suitable for families, groups and the individual traveler.

Village Walks

Milestone Safaris is based in a rural community and offers guests the opportunity to walk in and around the local villages, visiting schools, churches, homes and the nearby forest.

From: $10 (cost varies with number of guests)

Water fall trip

Nestled on the slopes of the mighty Kilimanjaro, are a number of waterfalls that provide a relaxing day trip, enabling you to see more of the countryside whilst also stretching your legs as you walk to the waterfall. Swimming is also possible.

From: $40 (cost varies with number of guests)

Moshi Forest Tour

Visit the lush, cool Moshi forest reserve, where you can see a variety of plant and animal life. This includes the largest teak tree in East Africa, vervet monkeys, african mongoose, Sykes monkeys, colobus monkeys, genets and an assortment of indigenous bird-life.

From: $30 (cost varies with number of guests)